These signs make a great gift for anyone!  They are made from 16 Gauge Mild Steel and measure 30" x 30".  They also come with welded tabs on the back for hanging.  Mulitple finish options are available at checkout. Please be sure to let us know what name you would like on the sign in the custom text field. 


  • Raw Steel:  We will degrease and debur the metal but leave the natural imperfections of the mild steel.  Note:  Each product will look different depending on the character of the metal. May be subject to rusting over time.  

    Brushed Steel:  These will have a uniform brushed pattern over the entire piece. We will put a flat protective clear coat over it to prevent any rusting.

    Spray Paint (Flat Black):  This option should be for INDOOR use only.  We will prime it your order, put flat black spray paint on it, and seal it with a flat protective clear coat to prevent any rusting.  

    Powder Coat (Flat Black):  High quality and extremely durable powder coating.  The flat black offers a simple, clean, and modern look.  This is a great option for something that will be outdoors.  Note:  Powder coating will add approximately 1 week to your delivery estimate.  

    Powder Coat (Custom Color):  High quality and extrememly durable - in your choice of color!  Please message us with what color you are desiring and we will do our best to have it matched. Note: Powder coating will add approximately 1 week to your delivery estimate.

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